Services for hyperscalers and other data centers

Helping cloud and hyperscale network operators expand their footprint with high quality data center and fiber-centric services

In their own facilities and across co-location environments, operators of hyperscale and cloud-based data centers struggle to meet the rising demand for capacity. High-quality, high-demand applications and massive compute requirements are pushing the limits of existing optical capacity and data center space. Creating and maintaining additional capacity is time consuming, complex and staff-intensive. The right partner can make all the difference.

Trusted expertise to make it possible:

  • Design data center layouts for maximum space, power and cooling efficiency
  • Manage new facility preparation
  • Analyze, troubleshoot and remedy fiber routes to ensure readiness
  • Deploy equipment with complete rack, stack and wire capabilities
  • Splice, install, clean and test fiber connections
  • Perform equipment and patch panel quality audits
  • Document data center architecture
  • Recapture significant value from decommissioned equipment

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fiber facilities fully documented

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global data center, co-location/carrier hotel facilities made ready

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kilometers of fiber tested and made ready

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pieces of equipment decommissioned

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